Connected Blueprint™ : 4-Week Manufacturing Assessment

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Connected Blueprint™ uncovers opportunities and provides a custom strategy that makes the most impact in the shortest amount of time, helping manufacturers modernize and improve business outcomes.

Connected Blueprint™ uncovers opportunities and provides a practical approach to modernizing your business with Microsoft Azure. Designed for manufacturers, Connected Blueprint™ includes tailored recommendations and a phased execution plan that delivers tangible value at regular intervals and improves your P&L and Balance Sheet.

Quickly uncover broken links in your processes and opportunities to drive efficiencies with Azure in just 4-6 weeks.

Connected Blueprint™ Overview:

Step 1: Assess

During this discovery phase, Gemba Walk with our subject matter experts to identify strengths and opportunities. We'll compile and analyze data to create a structured path and have targeted meetings to create tailored, innovative solutions with tangible impact at regular intervals.

Step 2: Prioritize

Using the assessment findings, our industry experts help you prioritize opportunities on a Kaizen PICK chart based on level of effort vs. impact in a focused workshop setting.

Step 3: Act

We position you to act on the opportunities identified via a phased approach, a blueprint specific to your organization. And we’ll get you off to a fast start with a prototype solution for one priority use case.

Connected Blueprint™ Deliverables:

  1. Prioritized improvement opportunities and Kaizen PICK chart
  2. Phased execution plan and financial model tied to P&L and Balance Sheet
  3. Prototype solution for one priority use case

Leverage the Connected Blueprint framework to prioritize improvements across your business using Microsoft Azure or focus on a targeted area such as: • Intelligent Demand Forecast and Integrated Planning • Supply Chain Visibility and Risk Management • Inventory Optimization, Intelligent Procurement, and Order Management • Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Asset Downtime, and Predictive Maintenance • Sustainable Operations and Quality Management • After Market Parts Management and Warranty Claims • Field Service: Scheduling and Dispatch, Technician Success, Proactive and Predictive Transformation • Optimized Financial and Service Centric Models • Low Code Innovation • Personalized Customer Experience

The cost for this engagement is estimated and may change based on the final scope of work included.