Get Started with Generative AI: The Next Revolution in Manufacturing

MCA Connect

Leverage data as an asset to respond quickly to changing market demands, minimize downtime, and improve efficiency

Generative AI waits for no one; get started now. Choose from: 1-week: FastTrack for Generative AI: Gain first-hand experience and develop a prioritized plan to improve the bottom line with generative AI 6-8-week: Data Value Assessment: Become a data-driven enterprise with your personalized roadmap and modern data architecture to support your business goals 12-week: Proof of Value: Get your own tailored Machine Learning model to tackle a top use case in your org., measure the potential impact on your profitability, and receive customized recommendations to improve accuracy, and implementation plan to scale predictive analytics across your enterprise

These engagements can be tailored to a specific use case or set of priority use cases, if known: Such as: Demand Forecasting | SKU Rationalization | Customer Journey, Churn, Lifetime Value | Connected Smart Product Supply Chain Visibility/Risk | OEE/Downtime | Quality | Inventory | Sustainability

As AI and machine learning continue to grow, the potential for manufacturers is enormous. By embracing generative AI and harnessing the power of data, manufacturers can unlock untapped potential to improve fill rate, product quality, and overall efficiency, all while delighting customers.

Accelerate data and AI in your organization with FastTrack for Generative AI. With only a 30-min. prep call and a half-day workshop with cross-functional leaders, you can develop a strategic plan to adopt generative AI and identify your top use cases in just 1 week.

  1. Identify low-hanging fruit and high-level opportunities for generative AI - In this phase, we’ll confirm your business objectives and roadblocks, identify available data sources, and pinpoint notable gaps in supporting your business. We’ll then identify your top use case and explore the value of generative AI in supporting this use case.

  2. Demonstrate generative AI capabilities for business and technology leaders - Working together, business and technology leaders will explore generative AI capabilities and potential benefits to your business.

  3. Build an adoption plan for generative AI - Prioritize opportunities on a Kaizen PICK chart to improve business outcomes using generative AI and define high-level architecture for your top use case. We’ll then define next steps, quick wins, and a phased execution plan.

Ready to go deeper? MCA Connect's Data Value Assessment uncovers and prioritizes opportunities to harness your data for the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. Led by our industry experts, this phased approach takes 6-8 weeks, includes a full current state analysis and future state design of key systems, data models, and pipelines to help you achieve your desired business outcomes, as well as a business justification and financial value estimate model.

Already know which use case or solution you need to build out? Engage MCA Connect for a Proof of Value to partner with your business and technology experts to build a prototype solution and new Azure Machine Learning model to solve for a top business objective (i.e. optimize inventory, improve forecast accuracy, predict supply chain delays and disruptions, optimize production planning, monitor capacity/OEE/sustainability, etc.). For your selected use case, we'll map out the process steps, consolidate data sources into Azure, optimize it for analysis and Machine Learning, and measure the potential impact of predictive analytics on your KPI's. At the end you'll have a Machine Learning model, prototype analytics solution, recommendations to increase accuracy, and a phased implementation roadmap to operationalize predictive analytics in your organization.

In this new era of constant market shifts, it’s critical to harness the power of data to drive tangible business outcomes. With more than two decades helping manufacturers better leverage their data for strategic advantage, MCA Connect is ready accelerate your data and AI journey.