Azure IoT: 2-Day POC

MCA Connect

A 2-day proof of concept to demonstrate how to connect an IoT device to Azure IoT Hub and surface data in Power BI .
Let MCA Connect show you how to connect an IoT Device to Azure IoT Hub, flow the data through Stream Analytics, store data in Azure SQL Server / Azure Data Lake and surface the data using Power BI for Analysis and Alerts. ### Deliverables: * Demonstration on how to connect IoT Devices to Azure IoT Hub. MCA Connect will provide a demo IoT device for this POC * Develop a data flow through Stream Analytics / SQLServer * Develop an Alert scenario to demonstrate how Azure Stream Analytics / Microsoft Flow can be used to raise an alert when the IoT device senses an error. * Develop a Power BI dashboard to demonstrate real-time IoT device analysis ### Agenda Day 1 – IoT Review and Set-up * Azure IoT Architecture overview * Develop POC scenario specific to client requirements * MCA IoT Device Set-up * Azure environment Set-up * Start POC Development Day 2 – IoT POC Development * Finish POC Development * Demonstrate completed POC to client * Identify Client IoT Project(s) * Develop High-Level estimates / Next-Steps