Modern Data Platform - 30 Day - Proof of Concept

Maureen Data Systems

In 30 Days MDS will modernize your current Data Estate in Azure using Azure Data Services

MDS will provide you with a relevant and immersive experience of the Microsoft Azure data platform. MDS will establish foundational, modern data warehouse, cloud ETL and/or data visualization techniques, strategy and vision on Microsoft Azure while leading your organization in adopting Microsoft Azure best practices as well as experiencing “firsthand” how to effectively and consistently, execute Azure PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) data functionality and/or glean accurate, relevant business insights using the modern, Azure data platform over a four-week period.

MDS aim to both empower your business intelligence resources and critical enterprise consumers of the Azure data platform but also enhancing you “employee experience”. With its team of experienced data professionals, MDS will help your organization leverage the comprehensive, integrated modern data platform that Microsoft Azure provides – bringing together critical enterprise roles and resources to leverage invaluable business data and insights.

Throughout this engagement, MDS would provide invaluable Azure data platform implementation insights and share recommendations how you can continue your enterprise, Azure data estate journey.

MDS will collaborate with you to determine (1) specific business use case and identify the related use case dataset(s) that MDS would leverage for this data platform implementation engagement. This will essentially establish the minimum viable product of the (1) identified use case for the Azure data platform implementation.

MDS's systematic approach follows five key phases:

• Phase 1: Pre-Engagement Enablement • Phase 2: Data Discovery and Planning • Phase 3: “Future State” Envisioning and Data Platform Design • Phase 4: Data Platform Development and Integration • Phase 5: Data Platform Deployment and Transition