Healthcheck Dashboard Implementation: 6 wks


The Dashboard focuses on the key metrics of Value, Engagement and Loyalty, and allows deep dive into other customer base metrics. It can be delivered in Power BI or any other Gartner leading platform.

In the world of customer experience management, understanding the strength of your customer base is paramount to ensuring optimal experiences, increased loyalty and lifetime value. Using a combination of Azure Databricks, data lake and Azure ML services we help you drive the Customer Healthcheck Dashboard which compliments our Customer Healthcheck, so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of under or over-performing customers groups and make rapid decisions on changing behaviours and trends. The Customer Healthcheck Dashboard focuses on the key metrics of Value, Engagement and Loyalty, and also allows you to dive into other customer base metrics. To make it fit your business, it can be delivered in Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik Sense or any other leading Gartner platform. This dashboard gives users the ability to view the 6-9 Healthcheck groups, created as part of the Healthcheck, at a granular level as well as showing the customer base. Users have functionality allowing the comparative analysis of different Healthcheck groups over time. The Customer Healthcheck Dashboard’s key metrics are Relationship length, Value and Engagement scores. To further understand the health of your customer base the dashboard features also include; Volume changes, Acquisition Source, Churn and reason for churn, marketing preferences, demographics and any existing owned or 3rd party purchased segmentations