Cloud Executive Readiness: 3 Days Workshop

Meylah Corporation

Meylah Cloud Executive Readiness brings together leaders from across the organization to identify and review the platforms, processes and resources required for successful transition to the Cloud.

Meylah Cloud executive workshop and readiness consulting service is designed to empower your leadership team to lead your journey to the Cloud. The Cloud Readiness Workshop and Assessment enables you to understand the implications of moving existing solutions into Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365, by using Meylah’s proven cloud transformation process to benchmark your existing strategies, technology, process, and people.

The workshop and assessment consider both the cultural and technical impact on your organization, and is uniquely structured for: Day 1 :

    1. Empowering the leadership team to develop a case for change
    1. Integrating and managing applications using a DevOps approach
    1. Identifying and understanding your position on your Cloud journey.

Day 2 :

    1. Helping you to address the cultural adoption challenge.
    1. Defining business outcomes and developing strategies to avoid technical fatigue.

Day 3

    1. Design cloud roadmap with strategic workloads focused on outcomes such as Win market share, reduce operational costs, increase customer, partner loyalty, and increase employee satisfaction
    1. Supporting selection of appropriate applications, data, vendors, and candidates for Cloud migration.
    1. Enabling Agile delivery methods to enable rapid delivery.
    1. Tackling even the most complex programmed tasks including migration, software development, and Cloud-native development such as Microservices, PaaS, and API services.

Meylah evaluates your current ‘as is’ state and compares it with industry best practices to develop your case for change.

Our workshop and assessment will provide the following deliverables such as:

  • Executive narrative – Develop a Case for Change
  • A gap analysis identifying any areas requiring investment and attention.
  • Cloud transformation roadmap with organizational linkages.
  • Recommendations for next steps.
  • Outline implementation options.

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