Cloud Aware - Events: 5 Week Implementation

Meylah Corporation

Event planning is time-consuming. Meylah teamed up with Brightalk and Eventbrite to create the "Cloud Aware - Event in a Box," a slew of resources to simplify the process of the customer acquisition.

Cloud Aware - Event in a Box includes capabilities to simplify the processes:

  1. Event Planning & Logistics: We help you plan within a month, host via BrightTALK & prepare you via rehearsals. We believe in launching your event within 60 days.

  2. Lead Acquisition: We provide you access to 10M+ potential customers online, automate your lead capture, reporting & feedback

  3. Standard BOM: We work closely to develop relevant event copy, templates, presentation and assess content

  4. Social Media: We help create social media promotion kit for your team to promote.

  5. Guidance: We assess and guide you to develop the right cloud promoter system using the Azure platform to automate your customer acquisition.

The estimated pricing is based on an end to end webinar execution. Additional individual services such as online summits, AI-based assessments, landing pages etc. are available.