Azure Devsecops Service: 8 Weeks Implementation

MFEC Public Company Limited

Provide a solution to modernize an application through CI/CD adoption and enhance the security with Devsecops methodology.

The solution will address customer’s requirements of acquiring a devops cloud solution that is effective, efficient & fast and leveraging on the enhanced business requirement which is driven by Azure DevOps solution by Microsoft. Our solution will also help to enhance the security into the build process on cloud environment.

Our solution offers an end-to-end DevOps or Devsecops platform service by Microsoft Technology :

  • Version control source code with Github.
  • Control the pipeline with Azure DevOps.
  • Store the container image with Azure Container Registry
  • Manage RBAC with Azure Policy.
  • Deploy application on Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS).
  • Monitoring the running service with Azure Monitor.

We provide complete consultant and implementation with standard methodology and outcome deliverable: -> Assessment: Provide assessment and feasibility for your needs. [Work product: Feasibility Report] -> Analyze and Design: Develop cloud architecture design and implementation plan [Work product: High-level design and plan] -> Implement: Execute and validate follow design and practice.[Work product: Solution design and Operation manual] -> Monitor and Optimize(Additional): Monitor and provide recommendations to optimize workload and usage. [Work product: Guideline]