MHP Content Hub: 1day Initial Workshop

MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH

The MHP Content Hub enables you to deliver the right content at the right time to your customers and prospects by addressing them in a targeted manner.

MHP is not known for being a marketing agency that specializes in content creation and placing ads. In fact, MHP is one of the leading IT and management consultancies. Especially when it comes to a strategic cockpit for the targeted customer approach, the symbiosis of marketing and IT plays an important role. The aim is to address existing as well as potential new customers and fans with emotional content about the brand, the company and its products. This supports the achievement of the goal to inform, excite and inspire the customers. In addition to increasing the positioning and conversion rates, synergies are also used and operating costs are saved through the content hub. As MHP, we have developed an end-to-end consulting concept for setting up or optimizing a Content Hub, where we solve the problems with the help of a strategic platform on which all the company's content is bundled, structured and distributed in a targeted manner. The MHP Content Hub integrates with the Microsoft Azure environment used by the customer and uses Azure Functions to provide business functionality to end users and content managers. The central Azure Content Delivery Network is used to roll out the information globally, ensuring worldwide and speedy availability of the data. The customized content management system can be connected to the Content Hub solution via a hybrid or cloud-native approach.

What are we capable of:

  • Consulting for the scoping of a content hub - tailored to your individual needs and budgets
  • Professional as well as technical conception of the platform
  • Strategic planning and management of content
  • Technical development and integration of existing customer systems
  • Data analytics & performance management
  • For content production or targeted SEO support, we cooperate with partner companies.

To better assess the potential of your company we offer the following:

  • Initial workshop to analyze needs in the context of the content marketing strategy
  • Basic inventory of the relevant system landscape
  • Potential assessment of existing content strategy
  • Identification of possible implementation options for a content hub