Mainframe Modernization Assessment: 6 Weeks

Micro Focus

The Mainframe Modernization Assessment uses Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer software to establish a technical baseline and inform the business and project requirements for modernization initiatives.

Mainframes are mission critical systems of record that serve as the repository of complex operational rules and policies that define enterprise organizations. Mainframe applications evolved over many years and have fallen behind in their support of developer innovation and cloud economics. Organizations understand the need to modernize these core IT systems to leverage the benefits of the cloud, and deliver new business value in support their digital transformation agenda.

The Micro Focus Mainframe Modernization Assessment enables organizations to understand mainframe application portfolios and plan their migration to Microsoft Azure.

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer software is used to generate detailed information about the structure and function of these large and complex systems. This information enables IT to identify, prioritize and realign applications with current business requirements through extensive metrics, reports, diagrammatic views and querying tools.

Assessment deliverables include an application inventory, services dependencies, TCO/ROI analysis, and a high-level project plan. These insights enable the organization to thoughtfully plan their mainframe application modernization strategy to leverage Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Micro Focus has been successfully delivering modernization projects over 3 decades, equating to thousands of successful projects and engagements. Supported by tens of millions of dollars’ annual investment in our products and technologies, our unrivalled experience and best practices make Micro Focus ideally placed to support our clients’ modernization journeys. The Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model serves as a repeatable framework for defining key applications, processes and infrastructure considerations for planning any modernization project.