Azure Synapse Analytics 2-Week Implementation

Softcrylic LLC

QuickStart your Azure Synapse Analytics: Deploy a scalable cloud data platform in 2 weeks for actionable insights.

​Experience the power of Azure Synapse by securely migrating your data to the cloud and get actionable business intelligence. We use Azure Synapse to migrate your data to the cloud, prepare the data, design, develop and deliver a PowerBI analytics dashboard. ​

Azure Synapse Analytics allows you to migrate data to the cloud from a variety of data sources using 90+ prebuilt data connectors. Azure Synapse Analytics has very tight integration with SQL Server SSIS services to shift and lift your data from SQL Server to the cloud. Azure Synapse Analytics can be used to prepare your data for business intelligence, analytics and AI/ML needs. ​ ​ Power BI enables you to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. Using PowerBI you can view strategic details of how your business is running, the business processes, and where to react and implement change. All of this in near real time and without custom programming or the need to install specific tools on desktops. When you migrate to the cloud, all data and dashboards are automatically secured, and business continuity is guaranteed.

QuickStart Deployment Schedule & Guaranteed Delivery​

Week 1 - Data Platform Deployment & Data Loading​

  • Kickoff & Requirements
  • Requirements gathering
  • Scope definition

###Azure Synapse Analytics Setup

  • Setup cloud services
  • User access and security

###Data Loading and Preparation

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Quality Check

###Week 2 – Dashboard Development & Delivery ###Data Modeling & Preparation​

  • Access and explore the data
  • Model and prepare the data

###PowerBI Dashboard Development​

  • Setup power BI services
  • Design and develop dashboard

###Demo & Delivery Setup

  • Demo dashboard
  • Walk through data processing setup
  • Delivery documentation


  • Azure Synapse Analytics Data Platform Deployment ​
  • Prepared Dataset
  • PowerBI Dashboard
  • Setup Documentation