Azure Machine Learning: 2-Week Proof of Concept

Softcrylic LLC

We use Azure Machine Learning to build and deploy powerful machine learning models to predict your business performance or customer intents and actions.

Softcrylic – Azure Data & Analytics Services

Softcrylic will help you achieve your business objective for machine learning in this 2-week proof of concept.

Activities: In this 2-week engagement, we will work with your team to scope and implement a predictive analytics business use case using your data in a private and secure Microsoft Azure virtual network. We will test and confirm the operational feasibility of your selected use case and provide advanced capabilities in data engineering, data science, and data visualization expertise. The outcome will be operational machine learning models that meet your expectations. 

WEEK 1 -Business use case and data preparation

  • We will work with your team to set business and technical objectives with clearly defined outcomes
  • We will setup the needed Azure resources and securely ingest data for next steps
  • Our data scientist will explore existing data and suggestions for improvement and augmentation
  • Our data engineers will prepare the data as per data scientists needs

WEEK 2 -Machine learning solution delivery

  • Our data scientists choose algorithms to deliver the best results; build models, training and test the models
  • Our data engineers will setup data pipeline for feeding data to the chosen models
  • Our data visualization engineer will create the dashboard (optional) to present the results of the models
  • We demo the results of the final solution to your business stakeholders and deliver the models
  • We provide complete documentation of the solution


  • Deployed ML model(s) for continuous prediction and forecasting
  • PowerBI visualization of insights (if required)
  • Setup Documentation