Inbound Order Automation Using AI Services - Mindcurv IOA

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Using Inbound Order Automation with OpenAI & Azure cognitive services can save up to 90% of manual effort required to create commerce or ERP orders from emails.

We leverage the power of Azure AI Cognitive services in automating business applications for our clients in a quick and efficient manner. This helps our customers enter or enhance their Analytics landscape and helps in setting up the ground for further AI-based process improvements and automation.

What is IOA? IOA (Inbound order automation) is an automated approach to handling inbound Customer orders/requests for quotes via email that leverages the best of Artificial Intelligence technology. With the help of the Azure analytics stack, it orchestrates and automates full-cycle order processing from the time a customer sends an email for an Order or Quote and creates the respective document in the ordering system. This can save up to 90% of human effort in handling orders that are offline.

Purchase orders and attachments coming via email in uptown 100 languages, can be processed using a combination of cognitive services with little to no manual intervention. This helps organizations to work with their global customer base.

Eliminate up to 90% of manual effort

  • Improves Accuracy and eliminates errors caused by humans
  • Improved processing times that directly benefit the bottom line and customer experience
  • Reduces overall costs of manual processing of email-based orders
  • Securely processing with data privacy, encryption, and compliance standards.
  • Extend to many other departmental functions other than Orders/RFQs- like in HR, Finance, etc on the same AWS platform

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