Automated System Hardening_1 week assessment

Mindtree Limited

Automated System hardened processes to reduce manual engineering effort. Abstracting the complexity of meeting CIS standards . It can be tailored made as per business security requirement for System.

The Automated System Hardening Solution will help in keeping Images updated as soon as new vulnerabilities are discovered. The number of days to implement this solution is estimated as one week. This solution has automated more than 300+ CIS rules for Windows and Linux Azure version. It reduces the manual hardening effort, which usually impacts the project timelines due to unavailability of hardened Images at start of Cloud Transformation or Migration Journey . Bringing exposure to the non-production environment . The solution leverages Azure services in keeping the image’s with right label as per customer’s requirement and versioning capability which reduces the configuration Drift. This solution leverages below Azure Services for automating the Golden Images. Azure Automation ,Azure CLI ,Powershell DSC,Azure Policy ,Azure Function,Azure Shared Image Gallery Benefits: Automated hardening engines to meet Industry and Business demands. Golden Image platform to facilitate and streamline End-to-End Automation. Provides the right visualization of the hardening process using Microsoft Azure Platform. Customized secure baseline and customized configurations at the OS level. Safeguarding from vulnerabilities and eliminating the configuration drift. Operational Cost Optimization. Attack surface reduction. Continuous compliance and enforcement of security policies in real time. Reduces aggregated risk.

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