Broadcast on Cloud-10 weeks assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

Legacy serial digital interface (SDI) based operations shift to an IP enabled scalable & flexible Azure cloud infrastructure.

Mindtree provides a jumpstart platform for such media enterprises to orchestrate on the cloud, with its suite of industry-proven frameworks leveraging cloud native services tied with customization services for the high-performance enterprises. Mindtree’s cloud offering enables media enterprises to shift towards the cloud & make the right decision on the cloud - managing cost, security, & operations.

Mindtree offers a unique approach in developing cloud-based media business with minimum viable cloud (MVC) & enterprise spanning unification as its core architectural themes.

"Week 1–3 Baselining-Assessment of as-is functioning workflow and form the baseline requirements for the new workflow, Conduct workshops for understanding the modernization requirements basis the workflow. Baseline the key modernization approach & goals for the workflow, Provide insights for workflow process automation & optimization."

"Week 4–6 Competitive Assessment-Present the architecture concepts adopted for the design & enterprise integration principles, Wire-frame the solution with respect to volumetric & workflow requirements, Perform mock up reviews of the workflows with partners & design teams, Provide competitive review options for solution options, Identity key constraints & challenges for delivering the system."

"Week 7–10 Implementation-Create an implementation program, identify stake holders & key deliverable. Create a program plan for execution & delivery, Create MVC models & review points ,Provide an enterprise transformation road map & charter transformation workshops inclusive of operations & executive teams, Create as-built implementation schematics for solution design & workflows in the process. Key benefits achieved: 30% reduction in infrastructure & operational costs, 45% reduction in human efforts, 50% faster channel roll-outs, achieve scalability for content demands, multiple platforms, regions & devices."