Customer360 - 2 weeks assessment

Mindtree Limited

Mindtree helps organizations achieve a 360-degree view of their customers to personalize customer experiences, improve cross channel engagement and improve marketing effectiveness.

Enterprises world over have realized that to stay competitive, they need to understand their customer better. However, customer data is generated from multiple sources including loyalty programs, in-store POS data, website logs, phone and email communications, social media, syndicated research data, etc. and resides in silos. At Mindtree, we help organizations integrate customer data from various touch points and sources to build a Customer 360 view using Azure Cloud infrastructure and make meaningful decisions. Mindtree's goal is to provide a professional service that would help our customers to start with or extend their use of the Azure cloud platform by extending our expertise, capabilities, and knowledge that they either do not have in-house or need assistance with.

To achieve this, we offer an assessment of your existing customer data sprawl and create a roadmap for achieving a Customer 360 View Week 1 Understand the business and marketing challenges with customer data Understand the sources of customer data
Design Thinking workshop to imagine the possibilities with Customer 360 view

Week 2 Big Data Sandbox for business case validation Measure the cost and expected benefits of the Customer 360 solution

Key Deliverables:

High Level Roadmap and Strategy for achieving Customer 360 View Recommended Architecture by leveraging Azure Cloud Business Case for building a Customer 360 View Why Mindtree:

Consulting and platform-led approach to develop customer persona and identify opportunities We leverage our Decision Moments platform to accelerate time to market Multichannel KPI framework Expertise across MarTech and AdTech Platforms

Key Benefits achieved:

Long-term roadmap for building a Customer 360 View and achieving business value
Better understanding of customer and their behavior leading to lower cost of customer acquisition Improved conversion with personalized engagement Cross-sell/ up-sell products with predictive analytics