Decision Moments - 2 weeks assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

Simplifies and accelerates data analytics for Enterprises with Azure Cloud Native services

Decision Moments: Simplifies and accelerates data analytics for Enterprises with Azure Cloud Native services

  1. Modernize customer’s Hadoop based data landscape in Azure with Azure tools and technologies.
  2. Deliver business value of Insights with shorter time to insights with less cost to insight using Azure Big data tools and technologies.
  3. Designed for diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics across business functions
  4. Create More Value from Digital Transformation.
  5. Accelerate Decision Making and Jumpstart Analytics with Industry-Specific Algorithms
  6. Leverage Comprehensive Business Apps, Prepopulated Data Sets and Prebuilt Components
  7. Combine Cloud-Native Solution with Powerful Modeling Sandbox

Customer Challenges

  1. Deriving meaningful insights from data and converting knowledge into action.
  2. Accelerating speed to discover and validate industry-specific business problems.
  3. Simplifying technological complexity leveraging existing data analytics investments.
  4. Building self-learning models targeted to specific use cases and implementing swiftly/readily to build management’s confidence in investing to gain scale.
  5. Capturing wide variety of data with ease while facilitating real-time, large-scale data processing and analysis.


It lets you discover insights for specific industry and business problems, while using your existing data analytics investments to simplify technological complexity. It offers:

  1. 20 industry-specific machine-learning algorithms based on deep learning techniques.
  2. 25 business apps across retail, consumer goods, travel, banking and insurance industries.
  3. A data store with 35 pre-built technology components for big data programs.
  4. 100 pre-populated data sets easily combine with heterogeneous data.
  5. Cloud-native solution powered by Microsoft Azure services, including the Cortana Intelligence Suite.
  6. Modeling sandbox to perform rapid exploratory data analysis