Inno-App 5 weeks assessment

Mindtree Limited

Provide a scalable, compose-able, cost-effective, repeatable and rapid environment provisioning platform for cloud adoption. Platform that can centrally govern and enforce policies seamlessly on cloud

Revitalize and optimize your application portfolio with containers and Kubernetes. Mindtree helps you modernize your applications following best practices with an agile methodology. Utilizing cutting edge DevOps, we enable app developers and IT operations to deliver business value with speed and innovation. For this solution we deliver you:

  1. A fully-functioning Kubernetes cluster to host your apps
  2. One or more fully deployed apps running in Kubernetes
  3. A configured CI/CD pipeline for fast, repeatable updates utilizing the DevOps tool chain you prefer
  4. Team mentoring to ensure you receive the greatest value from this engagement
  5. Customized Azure Governance to ensure appropriate cost management and security

App on Cloud in 5 Weeks With MVC

Week 1 – Setup

  1. Get environment access
  2. Access to Application code
  3. Create Cloud account/subscription
  4. Deploy platform (MVC + CAST agent)

Week 2 – Assess

  1. Scan application code with CAST to assess cloud readiness
  2. Report & identify the cloud ready application
  3. Agree with customer on the identified application for cloud transformation

Week 3 – Provision

  1. Use MVC to setup Cloud foundation (VNet + Resource Group + NSG + IAM)
  2. Create AKS cluster with monitoring, analytics & logging features using MVC
  3. Use MVC to provision Azure SQL Database

Week 4 – Configure

  1. Configure Azure DevOps pipeline for app deployment
  2. Minimal application configuration changes for Azure AKS cloud deployment

Week 5 – Govern

  1. Use MVC policy engine for cloud governance setup
  2. Custom AKS governance rule configuration by IT admin
  3. Monitor Application running successfully on Azure AKS

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