Insight As A Service - 2 Weeks assessment

Mindtree Limited

Mindtree offers an assessment for organizations looking to build an analytics use case, and test and validate their hypothesis quickly using our Decision Moments platform based on Microsoft Azure

With Mindtree’s Insights as a Service offering, we take a platform plus services approach to significantly reduce the time to generate insights from data. Mindtree's goal is to provide a professional service that would help our customers to start with or extend their use of the Azure cloud platform by extending our expertise, capabilities, and knowledge that they either do not have in-house or need assistance with. We offer a 2-week assessment where we identify an analytics use case for hypothesis validation and use our Decision Moments platform to test and validate it using their organizational and external data. What we do: Week 1 • Understand the business drivers and shortlist a use case for hypothesis validation • Identify the basic data required for hypothesis validation and the data sources Week 2 • Use our Insights Sandbox called Decision Moments based on Microsoft Azure to test and validate the hypothesis Key Deliverables: • Shortlist of Analytics Use Case • Hypothesis Validation Report for the use case • Plan to scale up the analytics use case with additional data sources and greater scope How we do it • Design Thinking workshop to understand business drivers and shortlist the analytics use case • Modeling sandbox to perform rapid exploratory data analysis before investing at scale • We bring together our frameworks and tools which foster fast data ingestion backed by our data engineering capabilities • Decision Moments, our data science platform based on Microsoft Azure with 20 industry specific machine learning algorithms based on deep learning techniques Key Benefits achieved: • Faster time to market with value-led experimentation • Reduce the cost per insight • Better ability to continuously unearth and improve insights