SAP On Azure - 6 weeks assessment

Mindtree Limited

Moving SAP Applications to the Cloud fundamentally. Traditional SAP applications are not Cloud native and so need careful analysis to make the migration and transition as seamless as possible

Our robust Cloud Migration Framework (CMF) for SAP on Cloud Migration Strategy

  1. Azure Landing Zone Strategy
  2. Tools Strategy
  3. CMO
  4. Program Management

Migration Governance

  1. People, Process, Culture
  2. Risk and Mitigation Plan
  3. Project Resource, Schedule governance
  4. Transparency

Migration Methodology

  1. Horizontal Migration
  2. Vertical Migration
  3. Hybrid Migration

Migration Automation

  1. Infrastructure as a Code
  2. Build / Implementation Automation using terraform and ARM
  3. Fixed and Variable BOTS

Migration Factory

  1. Cloud Migration Factory model for efficiency , standardization
  2. Accelerated migration plan
  3. Flex Up and Down
  4. Output based Model Migration Best Practices
  5. Standardized for Azure, and Hybrid cloud
  6. Knowledge base on Migration
  7. KT Process Migration Tools
  8. Specific Tools for Specific Migration activities Example: SAP, DB, VM
  9. Migration tools based on Platform – V2V, P2V, V2C, C2C

Migration Artifacts

  1. RUN books for SAP, enterprise Application, COTS application SOP for Migration
  2. Build and Implementation templates, SOW, checklists

From landscape design to managed support, providing clients and partners an efficient, reliable, and flexible solution is our passion.

  1. Advisory: Our advisory services provide thought leadership in landscape design and architecture, ensuring long-term success for our customers
  2. Delivery: Our delivery services showcase our unrivaled SAP on Cloud expertise and passion for excellence. Precision in delivery is our specialty.
  3. Support: Our managed services help keep you ahead of the curve, with runtime and project support second to none. Key partnerships with Azure means we can offer tailored cloud services which are thoughtful and custom to customers landscape. We focus on reliability, performance, and recovery means that customers get an end to end solution for their SAP environment. But we don’t just perform the analysis, we also provide the cloud migration services and long term support for their cloud infrastructure. Key Benefits achieved:
  4. Cloud management platform for hybrid cloud management and customer self service
  5. DevOps underlying infrastructure managed services
  6. Bare metal appliances monitoring
  7. Real-time and predictive analytics and security services
  8. Bot-enabled ticketing and service system
  9. IT automation and scalability
  10. Real-time and predictive analytics Major Pillars:
  11. Assessment: This service will help customers to define their readiness to move to the cloud, the sequencing of the migration and the plan of how to do it.
  12. Migration : Mindtree are the SAP experts on Cloud – we do the heavy lifting of moving SAP applications. Using MAPS - Mindtree Accelerated Platform for SAP, SAP Cloud Migration Factory
  13. Accelerators/Mindtree IPs: Our packaged solutions for SAP on Cloud include – Solution Manager QuikDeploy and Cloud automated deployment scripts - MVC " Minimum Viable Cloud"
  14. CloudOps: our teams understand how to operate your SAP landscape with the dynamicity of cloud environments. Using tools like MWATCH, Solution Manager

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