SAP QuikDeploy on Azure: 5-Day Assessment

Mindtree Limited

QuikDeploy simplifies and accelerates the deployment of SAP Solution Manager

QuikDeploy serves as the central command console within an organization’s SAP landscape. QuikDeploy simplifies and accelerates the deployment of SAP Solution Manager. The Azure-led solution is built on a flexible run model, reducing the amount of time, effort and cost it takes to manage and operate SAP applications effectively. Key Activities :Discovery using Mindtree Accelerators, Interviews with SMEs, As-Is architecture Study, Inventory mapping, Analyze inputs and data, Form and validate perspectives, security considerations, application architecture, license study, risk analysis, business impact analysis, Recommend right cloud, Recommend opportunities, Migration approach, Cloud strategy, Execute the PoC, Present our recommendations-Migration strategy, plan, approach, schedule, cost, Agree on the migration strategy and next steps, Finalize proposal based on discussions, Get a sign off on the recommendations. Aim: Get customers using Solution Manager 7.2 on latest patch level quickly, Drive Azure consumption through deployment of single pivot system Solution Manager, Deploy to Non-Production systems to ease the work needed to get systems connected to Solution Manager, Gain insight into Customer system and SAP landscape through data collected from Solution Manager –useful for S4 Journey mapping. Benefits: Our QuikDeploy solution enables rapid digital transformation with customer-focused improvements, to help clients run as an intelligent and data-driven enterprise. Our strong partnership with Microsoft, our long history with Azure and our expertise with SAP makes us well-poised to help you jump-start their S/4HANA journey. Our Cloud Assessment is an accelerator backed approach to help customers understand their current needs, their future plans and map the best way to deliver the services necessary to meet those future goals, Clear migration path forward demonstrated, aligned to SAP’s future direction, Development of ‘previously impossible’ functionality.