Azure AD Single Sign-On(SSO): 2-Day Implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

Configuring Azure AD Single Sign-On for Gallery applications to access all of your company provisioned applications via single click.


With the increased level of SaaS application usage, the number of accounts made for each service used and the number of passwords learned in the process keeps increasing. This kind of set-up puts the user and the organization itself at the door front of vulnerabilities.

  • An individual user could be using the same username and password everywhere. This can lead to compromised passwords if one application gets compromised.
  • An individual user could be maintaining different user names and passwords. This can lead to increased calls to the help desk for password resets.

A glance at how SSO with Azure AD helps you get rid-off this trouble:

  • Single Sign-On enables users to use their primary organizational account to not only sign in to their domain-joined devices and company resources, but also all of the web and SaaS applications needed
  • It saves users the hassle of managing multiple sets of usernames and passwords
  • Applications access can be automatically provisioned or de-provisioned based on their organization group members, and their status as an employee
  • Enables you to centrally manage users' access across SaaS applications.
  • Users’ activities can be monitored and reported in the real-time

Steps for Implementation:

  • Assessment of the business and technical requirements
  • Sketching the provisioning methods
  • Planning and designing the implementation
  • Pilot and testing
  • Implementation, Training and Handover
  • Documentations- Assessment, Design and Deployment documents and SOPs


  • SSO configured and working with one Gallery application
  • SSO tested for pilot users
  • Design and Deployment Documentation
  • Training to Admin and Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)

What are Gallery Apps?

There are thousands of apps in Azure AD gallery/marketplace and the list is growing fast. Some examples are box, SAP Business, Zoom, Intuit, Workday.