Migrate Tally to Azure: 5-Day Implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

Migrate the existing on-premise Tally to Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling users to work from anywhere any time through a secured connection


Over the last decade, Tally has become one of the most powerful accounting software in the market. Organizations use Tally in order to get instant reports on business outstanding, cost estimates, profitability analysis and other critical accounting overviews. However, most of the companies face multiple challenges while using Tally such as:

  • Multi-location data consolidation from multiple users
  • Ongoing maintenance of Tally servers and hardware
  • Tally performance issues over LAN
  • Investing in Licenses for multiple users

A glance at how Tally on Azure helps you get rid-off this trouble:

  • Access anywhere
  • Access anytime
  • Access from any device
  • Real-time data
  • Generate and print any report 24X7
  • Ultimate security

Our approach to Implementation of Tally on Azure:

Day 1:

  • Understanding the current on-premises Tally setup
  • Finding out Tally data migration requirement
  • Finding out the required configuration of Azure virtual machine
  • Finding out the client and firewall requirements for VPN
  • Deciding the remote access strategy

Day 2:

  • Tally on Azure infrastructure design
  • Determine license requirements
  • Documenting the migration plan
  • Providing the Azure consumption estimate
  • Testing and pilot planning

Day 3:

  • Creation of Azure subscription and admin account
  • Network and firewall configuration
  • Creation of VM and Azure storage
  • Installation of Tally application on Azure VM
  • Creating site to site and point to site VPN tunnels
  • Configuring remote desktop services
  • Configuration of Backup
  • Automating VM active hours

Day 4:

  • Provide testing environment
  • Executing test cases and pilot

Day 5:

  • Finalize Tally data and communicate users
  • Migrate the finalized data to Azure server
  • Training and Transfer of Knowledge to the users


At the end of this 5-day implementation the client would have migrated its existing on-premise Tally to Microsoft Azure