Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week PoC

Mismo Systems LLP

*Experience the best virtual desktop service in the industry with Microsoft’s Azure virtual Desktop. Mismosystems offers PoC to test the usability of Azure Virtual Desktop for your company.*
###What is Azure Virtual Desktop? **Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. It is the only service that delivers multi-session Windows 10 with simplified management. All you need to get your new Azure Virtual Desktop environment up and running are following two things:** * Properly and efficiently configured Azure infrastructure * Appropriate Windows license to be fully compliant ###Why do you need Azure Virtual Desktop? * Security and regulation * Elastic workforce * Specific employees * Specialized workloads ###Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop * Multi-session Windows 10 environment * Bring your own licenses (Windows licenses) * Complete support for Remote Desktop Services Environment * Built in security tools for proactive detection and mitigation of threats * Easier management of complete landscape from a central location ###Solution overview **Assessment/Discovery** * Draft PoC plan and Kick-off meeting * Understand the current environment and define PoC scope * Define PoC success criteria **Design** * Planning the Azure infrastructure as per PoC scope * Planning Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure on Azure as per PoC scope **Deployment** * Implement Azure infrastructure as per PoC plan * Implement Azure Virtual Desktop solution as per PoC plan **Pilot/Testing** * Testing of solution against PoC success criteria * Submit the PoC report **Transition** * Cleanup of PoC infra ###Notes * Client can test the solution for a period of 2 Weeks * This PoC is available for 10 users only