Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week PoC

Mismo Systems LLP

Experience the best virtual desktop service in the industry with Microsoft’s Azure virtual Desktop. Mismosystems offers PoC to test the usability of Azure Virtual Desktop for your company.

###What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. It is the only service that delivers multi-session Windows 10 with simplified management. All you need to get your new Azure Virtual Desktop environment up and running are following two things:

  • Properly and efficiently configured Azure infrastructure
  • Appropriate Windows license to be fully compliant

###Why do you need Azure Virtual Desktop?

  • Security and regulation
  • Elastic workforce
  • Specific employees
  • Specialized workloads

###Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

  • Multi-session Windows 10 environment
  • Bring your own licenses (Windows licenses)
  • Complete support for Remote Desktop Services Environment
  • Built in security tools for proactive detection and mitigation of threats
  • Easier management of complete landscape from a central location

###Solution overview


  • Draft PoC plan and Kick-off meeting
  • Understand the current environment and define PoC scope
  • Define PoC success criteria


  • Planning the Azure infrastructure as per PoC scope
  • Planning Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure on Azure as per PoC scope


  • Implement Azure infrastructure as per PoC plan
  • Implement Azure Virtual Desktop solution as per PoC plan


  • Testing of solution against PoC success criteria
  • Submit the PoC report


  • Cleanup of PoC infra


  • Client can test the solution for a period of 2 Weeks
  • This PoC is available for 10 users only