IIoT Solutions with OPC UA: 2-Day Workshop

M&M Software GmbH

In this workshop we show you how you may utilize Azure IoT Edge and Industrial IoT to create an IoT solution based on your OPC UA servers.


For this workshop it is assumed that you are planning to use OPC UA servers for an industrial IoT solution. We will show you what is possible “out of the box” using Azure Industrial IoT and other Azure services. In a set of demonstrations, we will build a minimum solution together with you that

  • can send telemetry to the Cloud
  • visualizes telemetry in a web-based user interface
  • remotely browses OPC UA Servers from the Cloud
  • remotely changes values and execute methods from the cloud

Based on these hands-on sessions we discuss with you on the white board how an architecture for an industrial IoT solution may look like - based on your requirements and Azure Industrial IoT.


Day 1

  • General Introduction and Query of Expectations
  • Discussion of Customer Requirements and Vision
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing, Azure and IoT
  • Introduction to Azure IoT Edge and Industrial IoT
  • Hands-on / Demo
    • Do Device Provisioning with IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service (DPS)
    • Send Telemetry from an OPC-UA Server to an IoT Hub
    • Visualize Data using Time Series Insights
    • Remotely Browse an OPC UA Server using a cloud-bound User Interface

Day 2

  • Recap Customer Requirements
  • Architecture Discussion
  • Conclusion and Expectations Check


You take home a working Cloud deployment and edge configuration. This setup may serve as a base for your own Industrial IoT projects. A fist idea is provided how you may create an IoT solution based on your OPC UA servers. This idea includes an assessment how much is possible “out of the box” – and what may require individual development. Due to the introductive part you will have a good understanding of Azure IoT edge and Industrial IoT. The demo sessions will help you to get an initial understanding of how an OPC UA based IoT solution which fits your needs might look like.