# AI on Azure Pilot – 4 Weeks Implementation

Mobiik S.A. de C.V.


Artificial Intelligence pilot on the Azure Cloud using your data to deliver a working predictive model in 4 weeks of implementation


This pilot project will enable your company to start taking advantage of the Artificial Intelligence tools and ease of use that exist in Azure, creating an initial predictive model for your company in a matter of weeks.

The project will walk you through the following steps to identify a sweet spot in which a pilot in Artificial Intelligence will yield important benefits:

  1. Data analysis: Overview of the existing data assets in a specific area of your company. AI readiness assessment of up to 10 different data tables.
  2. The pilot project to showcase AI capabilities in action using Machine Learning:
  3. Data ingestion from your company’s data sources to the Azure Cloud.
  4. Data flow automation to feed the Predictive Model (if applicable).
  5. Web service to enter data and get a predictive model result.


  • Automated data pipeline extraction and feed to Azure Machine Learning. (requires connectivity from the Azure Cloud to your data sources).
  • Initial AI predictive model development and fine-tuning to deliver a predictive model. (Accuracy can’t be stated upfront as it depends on the underlying data).
  • Web service to get interactive results from the AI predictive model.

The cost variability depends on the data sources and how it will be obtained