Cloud FinOps Dashboard: 6-WK Concept & Implementation

MobiLab Solutions GmbH

Provide transparency & financial accountability to your Azure Cloud spend

The Cloud FinOps dashboard is a PowerBI dashboard providing an easy to use tool to view Cloud spend from different angles and effective use the Azure Cloud. From IT teams, engineering teams up to the management, the dashboard enables everyone within the organization to assess, analyze and optimize the Azure Cloud spend while increasing the quality of delivered services on Azure.

MobiLab Cloud FinOps dashboard consists of two different modules covering the challenge of cost transparency, cost allocation and cost optimization.

  1. Azure Cost Management Governance: Within this module we assess your current Azure cost governance maturity level and identify possible cost management implementation measures

  2. Cloud FinOps Dashboard: The implementation of the FinOps dashboard is the main tool to bring transparency across all stakeholders based on the defined cost governance on Azure.

MobiLab delivers within 6-weeks the guardrails for an effective Cloud FinOps process for your organization to run smoothly the Azure Cloud. Focus on the things that matters and abstract complexity away through our dashboard.