Data Strategy: 2Wk Assessment

MobiLab Solutions GmbH

Supercharge Your Data Journey Today! Embark on a transformative data experience with MobiLab's Data Strategy Assessments tailored to your unique starting point in Microsoft Azure.

Whether you're a seasoned data pro looking to expedite your journey or just beginning to shape your data strategy in Azure from the ground up, we've got you covered. Our experts will craft a comprehensive roadmap for your future data strategy in Azure, swiftly bridging gaps within your data ecosystem in just two weeks. Experience remarkable results with minimal impact on you and your team's workload.

Navigating today's fast-paced digital landscape involves the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Chat GPT, AI, and ML. These dynamic tools find applications both externally, in customer interactions, and internally, such as in production processes. While these innovations hold significant importance for contemporary businesses, they can only thrive within the framework of a sustainable data strategy. This strategy, with its foundational components and governance, provides the bedrock upon which scalable solutions are built in Azure, expediting the realization of use cases and consequently reducing time-to-market.

MobiLab, as a pioneer in crafting and implementing use cases in Azure within diverse customer environments, incorporates this invaluable expertise into our Data Strategy Assessment—a pivotal starting point for every data project.

The assessment commences with insightful interviews, recognizing that nobody comprehends your business better than you. Our seasoned teams of software engineers and use case experts excel at posing the pertinent questions, utilizing refined blueprints and questionnaires enriched over years of refinement.

These interviews encompass:

  1. Delving into business objectives to glean a profound understanding of your vision.
  2. Defining categories and prioritization to crystalize the vision.
  3. Benchmarking against established models to set ambitious target states.
  4. Optimizing architectural configurations by assessing the current state.

The insights culled from these interviews culminate in a personalized concept. This concept encapsulates a description of the target state encompassing Architecture, Operating Model, Delivery Model, and Governance Concepts. Additionally, it includes a gap analysis and a pragmatic action plan.

We are dedicated to not only outlining our concept but also explaining the process. Depending on your company's starting point, we offer an overview of the Microsoft products and frameworks integral to our approach.

Being a certified Microsoft partner across multiple domains empowers us for many support programs. These Microsoft resources further enhance our ability to fast-track your project and catalyze your data journey.