Cloud Backup 5 Day Assessment

Model Technology Solutions LLC

Model is prepared to offer an engineer to assess an on-premises environment and its workloads for an Azure Backup implementation and prepare for a Proof-of-Concept or Production implementation
WHAT THE MODEL ENGINEER WILL DO: * Perform assessment on identified workloads within Client’s environment * Quantity of workloads to be assessed is limited based on the time necessary to assess the workload. * Consultant will assess as many as possible within the Assessment project period while reserving time for report preparation and capstone meeting * Prepare a report containing findings & recommendations for each assessed workload * Lead a capstone meeting to deliver and discuss the report, findings, and recommendations DELIVERABLES: * Azure Backup Preparedness Report, including: * Environmental preparedness for Azure Backup, including network infrastructure, local backup storage, and other key metrics * Identification per-workload of supported state for Azure Backup * Identification per-workload of any bottlenecks, architectural issues, or incompatibilities which could impede Azure Backup functionality * Identification per-workload of recommended Azure Backup protection approach * Estimation of Azure Backup consumption cost based on backup requirements and quantity of data WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: * Identify workloads to assess for Azure Backup readiness * Provide access to environment, either through a designated staff member with the appropriate permissions or via creating credentials with access for the Model engineer, to assess workloads and network infrastructure * Designate relevant staff to attend the capstone meeting and review results