Cloud Backup 3 Day Workshop

Model Technology Solutions LLC

Model is prepared to host a series of architecture planning sessions with your staff to understand your environment’s needs and create a technical design for an Azure Backup implementation
WHAT THE MODEL ENGINEER WILL DO: * Lead a series of technical design sessions with customer staff to achieve the following goals: * Day 1 * Gain an understanding of customer's environment, workloads, and disaster recovery requirements * Identify existing disaster recovery / failover processes for key workloads * Map Azure Site Recovery capabilities and functionality to disaster recovery / failover processes * Day 2 * Design Azure Site Recovery and Recovery Services Vault configuration for protecting customer workloads * Design on-prem Azure Site Recovery infrastructure and configuration settings * Day 3 * Create documentation capturing Azure Site Recovery implementation architecture and considerations planned and identified in design sessions * Deliver and discuss documentation and solution design DELIVERABLES: * Proposed Azure Backup implementation architecture documentation WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: * Designate staff with relevant knowledge of your workloads and backup requirements to attend and participate in architecture planning sessions * Provide presentation space or join a remote meeting via Teams