Cloud Disaster Recovery 10 Day Assessment

Model Technology Solutions LLC

Model is prepared to offer an engineer to assess your current state environment’s readiness for a Azure Site Recovery implementation and prepare for a Proof-of-Concept or Production implementation
WHAT THE MODEL ENGINEER WILL DO: * Deploy and run assessment tools, including the Azure Site Recovery Capacity Planning Tool, within your environment * Review and interpret the results and reports generated by the assessment tools * Prepare a report containing findings & recommendations along with Capacity Planning Tool reports * Lead a capstone meeting to deliver and discuss the reports, findings, and recommendations DELIVERABLES: * Azure Site Recovery Preparedness Report, including: * Reports generated by the Azure Site Recovery Capacity Planning Tool * Notes and commentary on the reports * Recommendations on next steps for implementing Azure Site Recovery WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: * Designate staff member with authorization and permissions to run the assessment tools * Client’s credentials should be used – there is no need to create credentials for Consultant * Designate relevant staff to attend capstone meeting and review results OUT OF SCOPE: * Implementation of Azure Site Recovery * Implementing any configuration changes to any environment