Azure Governance & Security: 4-Wk Assessment

Akkodis Consulting

The Akkodis Azure Governance and Security Health Check provides independent assurance. Our actionable recommendations enable you to optimise cost, mitigate risk and improve quality and performance.

With the Akkodis Azure Governance and Security Health Check, we:

  • Assess your Azure cloud infrastructure: security,design, usage, and costs, by applying Akkodis’ own Governance and Security principles and practices.
  • Identify operational and technical efficiency gains through interactive workshops, interviews, and by undertaking Modis’ Security Vulnerabilities Assessment.
  • Recommend strategies to optimise costs and utilisation,as-well-as receive a formal report and presentation outlining actionable findings including a tailored roadmap for success. Know how to maximise performance and ROI from your Azure deployment.

Why engage Modis? It starts with our people. Modis’ architects and engineers are amongst the most capable in the country. Our clients who’ve leveraged an Azure Governance and Security Health Check have gained significant cost savings, as-well-as, a more secure, robust, and scalable cloud platform.

WEEK 1+2 • Six interviews • Three workshops • Analysis (> 20 servers). WEEK 3+4 • Continued analysis • Security assessments • Recommendations report • Presentation and findings.