Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment: 5-day Workshop

Monocept Consulting Private Limited

Monocept can help you avoid the common pitfalls of cloud adoption and open the doors to all that is possible through cloud technologies. Discover how you can migrate to the cloud with minimal downtime

About Monocept:

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner of Cloud platform and Application Development.

We specialize in solving complex business challenges for our clients through Agile, DevOps & Automation practices.

Goal of the Assessment:

The goal of the assessment is to pave your way for successful Azure migration, by identifying your migration-blocking issues as well as providing remediation advice for problems. Whether you are refactoring your applications to be cloud-native under a transformation initiative, or rehosting to Azure in a lift-and-shift migration, Monocept provides the platform for you to manage that project with confidence.

Our comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment, which will be tailored to your organization, and will help you in discovering and analyzing workloads or applications which can be moved to cloud. 

Our Assessment plan includes:

Evaluation of the existing environment across applications, workloads and data

Dependencies on other processes, authorization mechanisms, or external databases

Identifying cloud readiness of workloads and applications

Identifying the first workloads to migrate to Microsoft Azure

Analyze the financial data in context of potential architecture in Azure and recommendation of best frameworks that will complement your existing plan and enhance its efficiency

Explanation of the costs of moving their on-premises workloads to Azure as well as expected performance

Forecasting return on investment and total cost of ownership

Discussion of best practices and competitive intelligence for a tangible cloud roadmap