Boost your Migration to Azure - 1 Week Assessment

A complete solution to plan your migration to Azure with confidence.

“Boost your migration to Azure” is a complete solution to speed your journey to the cloud predicting duration, feasibility and costs based on a careful analysis of running workloads.

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION The “Boost your migration to Azure” package developed by, direct partner Microsoft Tier-1 level, allows you to easily, quickly and safely migrate your company workload in a full-cloud or hybrid scenario to Azure, the cloud computing platform created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

SECURITY FIRST Data security during the assessment and the migration is a major concern for most companies. “Boost your migration to Azure” by is designed to guarantee you maximum security at every step: all communications with your Azure 365 tenant is always fully encrypted, and only you are responsible for your data. You choose what to include in the assessment and we configure tools and portals to protect data involved in the process and to display results only to allowed people.

FIXED PRICE We can involve in the assessment multiple consultants with different skills based on the types of workloads to be analyzed . We offer a fixed price to complete the assessment, providing Azure Professional Services, regardless of the items included in the evaluation. We design and build tailor-made solutions with a view to constant and fruitful collaboration.

DELIVERABLE At the end of the assessment, the client will receive a final document with the analysis report, the specifications of all the migration areas taken into consideration and the benefits of each. The document will also present a proposal for an executive roadmap, with a detailed estimate of time and costs.

AGENDA Day 1 - Kick off and preliminary call Day 2, 3, 4 - Analysis and assesment Day 5 - Delivery of the final assessment document with outcomes and roadmap