AWS to Azure - 1 week assessment

A complete solution to migrate seamlessly your servers and databases from AWS to Azure.

The “Move your instances from AWS to Azure” package developed by, direct partner Microsoft Tier-1 level, allows you to easily, quickly and safely migrate your servers and databases from AWS to Azure. Relying on the power of such tools like Azure Migrate or Azure Site Recovery we can offer near real-time data replication and to choose between the best option to execute online or offline migration. “Move your instances from AWS to Azure” is a complete solution to seamlessly move your data to Azure and take advantage of benefits offered by the platform.

WELCOME TO NON-MICROSOFT SYSTEMS We can migrate with minimal downtime servers based on Windows and Linux OS and databases running SQL Server or MySQL database. Migration can be completed despite instances are executing IaaS or PaaS solutions

FIXED PRICE Based on the number of servers, databases and applications to be moved we can calculate a fixed price to complete all the migration activities. Migration will be executed by a team of certified people that can speed-up most of the activities regardless the number of items.


  • Additional 3 years of extended security updates (ESU)
  • More global regions than any other cloud provider
  • Azure Hybrid Benefit
  • 90+ compliance certifications

DELIVERABLE At the end of the assessment, the client will receive a final document with the analysis report, the specifications of all the migration areas taken into consideration and the benefits of each. The document will also present a proposal for an executive roadmap, with a detailed estimate of time and costs.

AGENDA Day 1 - Kick off and preliminary call Day 2, 3, 4 - Analysis and assesment Day 5 - Delivery of the final assessment document with outcomes and roadmap