Azure PostgreSQL Migration: 2 Week Implementation

Motifworks Inc

Motifworks PostgreSQL expert team can help you to migrate On-Premises PostgreSQL databases to Azure PostgreSQL platform smoothly and successfully by using Azure DMS, ADF features.

We help you identify which databases are fit and can be migrated to Azure. After a review of PostgreSQL database architecture, usage, and criticality, we provide an assessment and recommended strategy.

We also consider:

  • What are your business objectives?
  • How many objects, features, supported, and unsupported features?
  • Database users and performance

The next step is to discuss and plan for all On-Premises PostgreSQL databases migration to Azure PostgreSQL databases, start using the Azure environment. Azure PostgreSQL database provides a cloud azure platform for modernizing your existing applications and running them in the cloud or on-premises.

Motifworks Azure PostgreSQL Migration Activity/Scope (included by not limited to):

  • Azure PostgreSQL Architecture design
  • Setup Azure environment
  • Premigration activity
  • Create DB server and required databases
  • Setup security
  • Actual migration
  • Post Migration scripts

On successful completion of the On-Premises to Azure Migration activities, we perform post-migration activities that will help you to monitor resources, queries and setup alerts. This will help you to know PostgreSQL database resource utilization.

Azure PorstgreSQL database features

  • Integration with JSONB, geospatial support, rich indexing, and many extensions
  • High-performance horizontal scaling in Hyperscale (Citus)
  • Manage Postgres with Azure IP Advantage and Advanced Threat Protection
  • Hyperscale your PostgreSQL
  • Updated latest PostgreSQL innovations
  • Intelligent performance recommendations