Data Platform Security Check: 2-Wk Assessment


The Motion10 Data Platform Security Check can assess where your organization stands in the field of Azure security and propose concrete improvement initiatives.

We have drawn up a list of more than 100 checks and best practices for a data analytics platform based on various studies, Microsoft guidelines and our extensive own practical experience. We call this our Data Platform Security Check. We continue to update the checklist and subareas as Microsoft launches new services and functionalities.

We definitely state that Microsoft provides a secure infrastructure for your cloud environment, including your data platform. However, correctly configuring the data platform and associated services is your responsibility. The same applies to taking specific security measures and maintaining access control for users and applications. Unfortunately, many organizations are insufficiently aware of this, which means that too little attention is paid to securing their data platform as a whole. As a result, they run unnecessary risks, such as unwanted access to the platform, data leaks and non-compliance with GDPR legislation.

The Data Platform Security Check is made up of a security maturity model for ten essential subareas within a modern data platform:

  1. Azure Data Bricks
  2. Azure Key Vault
  3. Azure SQL Database
  4. Azure Networks
  5. Azure Firewall
  6. General
  7. Azure Blob Storage
  8. Resource groups
  9. Azure Data Factory
  10. Power BI

Agenda and Service Deliverables in just two weeks

  • Workshops with IT, management and development
  • Coordination and adjustments of data platform access
  • Complete checklist in relevant subareas
  • Scoring security (overall and subareas) and developing advice
  • Final presentation with findings in 10 subareas
  • Roadmap improvement initiatives with hour estimation

*The implementation of our recommendations is not included in the price.