Motion10 PitWall for Azure Platforms: 10-Wk Implementation


PitWall Managed Cloud by Motion10: bringing your organization to a well-manageable cloud environment

With Motion10 PitWall we offer you this opportunity; constantly innovating, staying one step ahead of the competition, digitally transforming, using the latest cloud technology and, above all, looking for efficiency, optimization and cost control. Or ideally digital innovation as a revenue model? We prefer to carry out our assignments for customers on a project basis. This is based on our integrated Project & Change approach.

PitWall Managed Cloud for Azure Platforms
We are convinced that using PitWall will help us to be successful together with you. This extra added value is very specific:

  • PitWall ensures that we work step by step towards a successful Azure Platform, in the order that has proven to be most successful based on our experience.
  • We start by laying the foundation, with the question and your success at the forefront, and not the technical solution.
  • The knowledge and experience that all Motion10 employees gain daily is continuously processed in PitWall. So, you get more than just the team that works directly with you.
  • Continuous attention to change, user experience and management are important conditions for successful solutions.

We do this by using the following approach:

  1. Inspiration: What can the cloud and the choice of a Azure platform do for your business?
  2. Strategy & Business Value workshops: How do we align with the company goals. Where is the value?
  3. Setting the Base: From vision to strategy to practice. But first the foundation readiness!
  4. Route to Success: Continuous value creation and optimal management.

Setting the Base
As Motion10, we are convinced that every collaboration, every project and therefore also a Azure implementation requires a good foundation. It is the foundation of architecture, functionality, information security and adoption on which the new platform is successfully designed and set up; so, we have set a base. ‘Setting the Base’ is therefore a requirement for successful implementation and/or realization. ’Setting the Base’ is intended to prepare the project team and the organization for implementation, fill in the preconditions for a successful project and draw up an initial roadmap or backlog. We start by gaining insight into the possible working methods and agreements, the work scenarios, and solutions that you wish to realize, but also consider at least as important aspects as security, governance, and management agreements.

Route to Success
As soon as the platform and the project organization have been set up, we can start developing and implementing solutions on it. Together with you, we will draw up the backlog and realize the solutions. We not only consider the technical aspects but certainly the human side; after all, the solutions must also be successfully used.

Managed Cloud
Managed Cloud is not unavoidable, but crucial for continuity. For us, managing the solutions realized for you is more than responding or acting reactively; we want to constantly look at improvements together with you, want to challenge you to continue to innovate together. In addition to regular support, we want to work proactively with you. We monitor, detect, report new developments or releases, share asked for and unsolicited knowledge or trends with you and will continue to inspire you; in inspiration and knowledge sessions, periodic assessments and/or Strategy & Business Value sessions.