PitWall: 10-Wk Implementation


Identify data-driven moments and get the most out of your data.

Realize business goals with the right digital strategy.
Many organizations struggle with becoming data-driven. How do I get the most out of my data and integration platform, and ensure that my employees can get more out of data? Motion10's PitWall, the data and integration solution, is designed to contribute to achieving the business objectives. The PitWall is not one large database, but a composition of multiple Azure components and services.


Week 1: Platform Strategy Workshops
Why start with the PitWall, and what does this contribute to achieving the business objectives of your organization?

Week 2: Architecture & Governance Workshops
How to realize the chosen strategy and how do we ensure that this is done according to the right principles and best practices?

Week 3: Planning & Priorities Workshops
Visual representation of the workloads that should be realized over time.

Week 4: Workshops organization & operation
The team formation, working method and the tooling used during the realization are clear, including an introduction to our operational managed services set-up and periodic assessments.

Week 5 to 7: Sprint 0 Platform implementation, agile process configuration and application architecture of the first workload(s)
With the deployed platform setup, the development and delivery of the first workloads as determined during the previous phases can be started.

Week 8 to 10: Sprint 1 Realization of first workload
Based on the desired workload, this sprint goal is determined with your organization.

Service deliverables

  • Platform Strategy
  • Solution Architecture
  • Backlog workloads & priorities
  • RACI matrix for operations
  • Roadmap
  • Azure landing zone
  • Azure DevOps, CI/CD and source control setup
  • First workload in production
  • Managed Services operational