Azure Virtual Desktop - 2 week PoC

Move AS

With Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)(formerly Windows Virtual Desktop), Move offers a comprehensive virtualization service through the Windows Azure cloud service
A 2-week PoC will give the customer a good insight in how Azure Virtual Desktop will work in their business, and have a solid base for deciding further implementation. Azure Virtual Desktop opens a host of possibilities: - Multi session Windows 10 deployment delivered as a full, saleable Windows 10 deployment. - Office 365 ProPlus is virtualized and optimized for multiuser environments. - Windows 7 virtual desktops with free, Extended Security Updates are available - Virtualize desktops and/or applications WEEK ONE: Mapping/requirements week Preliminary workshop with the following goal: - Map out the customer’s needs and make a requirements specification - Define applications suited to run in AVD - Define a pilot user group - Educate and inform the customer using a AVD lab demo Post workshop presentation that contains: - A requirements specification of what must be part of the PoC - A draft of the architecture, complete with a design and cost estimate of the solution - The solution will then be deployed in Azure as soon as the customer accepts the parameters WEEK TWO: Pilot week Deploy and start a pilot - The Move consultant that is responsible for the customer presents the pilot to the customer - The pilot users test the solution against the requirement specification. - Testing is done in close cooperation with a team of Move consultants Post pilot week, the customer gets a report containing: - The Azure architecture - Results and evaluation of the pilot week and testing - Cost estimate of a full implementation - A recommendation of «where to go» after the PoC A AVD Proof of Concept is suitable for organizations that haven’t already virtualized their desktops, and organizations that need to upgrade their existing virtual desktop solutions.