Azure Native DevSecOps: 2-WK Assessment


Mphasis’ Azure Native DevSecOps assessment accurately assesses the existing or planned DevOps pipeline, design and recommend a customized DevSecOps pipeline architecture.

The assessment enables organizations to accurately assess their existing or planned DevOps pipeline, and architect their development environment and software supply chain by integrating security early in the development cycle.

Mphasis’ Azure Native DevSecOps assessment services cover a wide gamut of areas, including:

  • Vulnerability assessment. (GitHub Advanced Security, CodeQL)
  • Solutions to identify and remediate security issues in dependencies. (Dependabot)
  • Secret scanning for credentials and tokens in source control, and secure storage of keys, certificates, tokens, and other secrets. (Azure Key Vault)
  • Storage of production container images and vulnerability scanning. (Azure Container Registry, Azure Security Center)
  • Cluster deployment and infrastructure-as-code solutions. (Terraform)
  • Security of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster, organizational standards, and compliance at-scale. (Azure Policy)
  • Identity and access control management. (Azure AD)
  • Users authentication and advanced security features such as multifactor authentication (Azure MFA), identity protection, and anomalous activity reports
  • Granular role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Access management to B2C applications for external users. (Azure AD B2C)
  • Real-time monitoring of application and infrastructure (Azure Monitor)


Mphasis brings in Azure Certified Consultants to assess, design, and recommend a customized DevSecOps pipeline architecture based on the end-to-end assessment.


  • Insightful evaluation of existing or planned DevOps pipeline
  • Design customized DevSecOps pipeline architecture