Mphasis - Azure DevSecOps : 10-wk Implementation


Azure DevSecOps 10-week Implementation Deliverables : Build devops infrastucture with security and automated processes and provide a complete CI/CD framework at enterprise level

Our Azure DevSecOps consulting provides a comprehensive blueprint and roadmap to envision and implement DevSecOps the right way with major focus on Azure Devops (ADO) as CI/CD tool.

As part of the consulting service we give provide a comprehensive path to adoption that includes Landing Zone Automation , Pipeline Automation Factories, Product Catalog Factories, Security Automation , Modern Engineering Practices - Value Streaming Mapping, Tech Debt Reduction, SRE, TDD/BDD Custom framework to transform your enterprise with Azure tools and Mphasis frameworks in faster, economical and secure way.

Mphasis will build your end-to-end enterprise scale DevSecOps foundations with deep automation, including process, frameworks and tools including Azure automation in 10 weeks. Mphasis will bring in the culture of shift-left automation and enable the implementation of guardrails, that can enable you to scale Devops, rapidly to multiple teams.

We will provide pipeline factory, catalog factory and setup your developer community to move to gitops. We will build robust foundations on Azure that accelerates and accentuates developer productivity.

Mphasis Azure DevSecOps Implementation

  • Provisioning for identity management, AAD resource management, manage groups, group members and users via predefined templates​.  
  • Inclusion of Azure Key Vault for Management of secrets or key values​ Resource authentication using AAD​.
  • Securing resources via automated provisioning (ex. Firewall/NSG rules, network rules)​
  • Code Protection via Branch protection policies​
  • Release Management via approval process​
  • Shifting-left Security to include Security thinking from early stages​.
  • Deliver on a secure platform and increase confidence in the Security.