Mphasis PACE-ML: 5 Day Assessment


Mphasis PACE-ML Assessment helps enterprises perform structured analysis of their data science practice to identify potential use-cases and toolchains for MLOps deployment.

Mphasis PACE-ML is the framework and methodology to automate machine learning (ML) pipeline. It leverages workflows, collaboration platforms and tools to streamline management of model selection, versioning, auditability, explainability, re-usability, validation, deployment & monitoring. Built on MLOps principles, and leveraging Azure MLOps specific services and opensource components it enables organizations improve quality and reliability of ML solutions in production.

Mphasis offers 5-day MLOps assessment led by our AI/ML specialists and solution architects. The deliverables of this exercise will be an assessment report indicating

  • Gap analysis with respect to MLOps best practices
  • Customized recommendations on frameworks and tooling for MLOps pipeline (Azure Cloud/Any Cloud / on-prem)

#The roadmap for the engagement (onsite assessment)

  • Stakeholder interviews – 1 day
  • Identify Frameworks and tooling – 2 day
  • Validation of gap analysis, understanding and assumptions -2 day

#About Mphasis

Mphasis applies next-generation technology to help enterprises transform businesses globally. Customer centricity is foundational to Mphasis and is reflected in the Mphasis’ Front2Back™ Transformation approach. Front2Back™ uses the exponential power of cloud and cognitive to provide hyper-personalized (C=X2C2TM=1) digital experience to clients and their end customers. Mphasis’ Service Transformation approach helps ‘shrink the core’ through the application of digital technologies across legacy environments within an enterprise. Mphasis’ core reference architectures and tools, speed and innovation with domain expertise and specialization are key to building strong relationships with marquee clients.