Hybrid cloud transformation using Stack HCI & Azure ARC: Assessment (3-wk)


Mphasis hybrid cloud transformation services approach for managing workloads using Stack HCI and Azure Arc for a seamless user experience and the IT consumers can access data anywhere in the world.

Azure Stack HCI is always up-to-date and can be installed on your choice of server hardware. Microsoft Azure Arc offers simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Azure services.

To ensure Mphasis provides a confirmed approach, Mphasis proposes a 3-week assessment using Mphasis IPs, Azure discovery solutions like Azure Migrate, and 3rd party tools. This assessment gives customers an understanding of their Current Mode of Operations (CMO) across 3 tracks – Technology and tools, Processes and people (IT Ops), and a possible roadmap for Future Mode of Operations (FMO) to Azure services.

Assessment areas –

  • Review workloads running within the datacenter (DC) - servers, storage, backup and archive, network services, hosting locations
  • Review the IT operating model supporting these datacenters

Phase 1: Discovery (5 to 7 Days)

  • Identify the current mode of operations for process, technology, and people (IT Ops)
  • Technology and Tools: Understand the technology spread and tools/ solutions using Azure discovery solutions like Azure Migrate
  • Process and Tools: Understand how current IT operations are run vis-a-vis common ITIL processes and service management platform for operations
  • IT operating model: Understand the current operating model

Phase 2: Assessment and roadmap (5 to 7 Days)

  • Assess details from Phase 1, identify risks and impact on gaps
  • Identify possible migration solutions either by using Azure Migrate (preferred) or using 3rd party tools
  • Create a roadmap detailing the FMO for migrating the workloads to Azure

Azure native solutions for migration -

  1. Azure App Service Migration Assistant
  2. Azure Database Migration Service
  3. SQL Server Migration Assistant
  4. Azure Cosmos DB data migration tool

Highlights -

  • Leverage Azure Arc solution to support private cloud and hybrid deployments/ workloads
  • Seamless management of workloads between the cloud and on-prem datacenters
  • Hyperconverged Infra solution using Stack HCI solutions
  • Azure Arc for the automation and Private IaaS self-service orchestration
  • Integrated with Mphasis Service delivery for overall delivery excellence and reporting