Azure Data Analytics for Smart Factory Platforms: 3-Dy. Assessment

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Assessment for using Microsoft Azure Data Analytics services with msg.SmartFactoryPlatform

The msg.SmartFactoryPlatform uses Microsoft Azure data analytics and AI services to help discrete manufacturers and automotive companies get maximum data insights in their production processes. This 3-day assessment is intended to identify and assess the current information systems landscape as well as data flows between the shop floor and enterprise level.

Customers will get a first functional and technical solution architecture for using Microsoft Azure and the msg.SmartFactoryPlatform to scope the first use cases. Attendees will understand the business value of a data driven architecture based on Microsoft Azure and get a custom-made roadmap to Digital Manufacturing. Finally, attendees receive a rough business case with the most important information and best practices to create a business case.

Assessment Agenda: Day 1: • Welcome • Identification of primary user groups and user interfaces, data architecture and data flow • Analysis of current technology stack • Inclusion of essential functional requirements as well as non-functional requirements (e.g. stability, performance, maintainability...) • Analysis criticality of the applications for the manufacturing process • Closing Results of day 1 is a technical component view of the as-is-landscape using minnosphere templates for architecture documentation

Day 2: • Welcome and summary of day 1 • Clustering of the architecture requirements according to functional, NON-functional requirements & user interfaces • Technical deep-dive into the most important architecture components • Matching of the architecture components to msg.SmartFactoryPlatform and Microsoft Azure services • Closing Results of day 2 is a technical component view of a Microsoft Azure-based to-be-landscape using minnosphere reference architectures and best practices for Azure manufacturing.

Day 3: • Welcome and summary of day 2 • Development of alternatives for operating the to-be-architecture in regards to costs, security, skills and future developments • Rough assessment of the necessary budget • Business Case calculation and discussion • Closing Results of day 3 is a custom-made business case for using msg.SmartFactoryPlatform and Microsoft Azure