FY21_AllSegments:10-Days Implementation

Mverge CO., LTD.

OpenShift Container as a Services on Azure (ARO) by G-Able for 10 Days

Solution Offering: Provide solution for establish to accelerate market growth in cloud business transformation, Container as a Services solution enables every business and every organization to support continuously massive workload like Cloud native app and customize app modernization with elastic cloud platform that provides Private and Public Cloud.G-Able is a Digital Services Provider who helps driving a business transformation with digital technologies. G-Able provides experienced and specialized personnel with a selection of software, platform, and solutions. As partnership with Microsoft and Redhat, G-Able offering offers container as a service the solution call “Azure Redhat OpenShift (ARO)” The solution that combined the OpenShift ‘s leader market share and Azure Public Cloud.G-Able shall provide total services for ARO (Microsoft Azure Redhat OpenShift) include architect, design, implement and operation base on custom made for specific requirement each customer all industry.

Implementation : 10 Days (Advanced Package) • Provisioning ARO Cluster (latest version) • Change instance type of worker. • Configure machine set. • Scale the six worker nodes. • Label Infra/Log & Monitoring nodes. • Disable kubeadmin user. • Integrate with AAD. • Expose registry route. • Configure monitoring and Deploy EFK on Log&Monitoring nodes. • User Acceptance Test • Knowledge transfer by on-the-job training


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