Cloud Migration Discovery: 3 week Assessment


N-iX provides a precise plan on how to migrate your existing on-prem business into Azure Cloud or implement your business processes in Azure Cloud with most quick and cost efficient options.

During the process, N-iX team will deep dive into business challenges, user experience, management process, current infrastructure and architecture and create a fully, ready to go from day 1 plan for your Azure Cloud Migration journey with commitments to implement. We will choose and recommend the proper set of Azure Services like AKS, Azure App Services, Serverless options like Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps to optimize your business processes.

Discovery requires ~20h of meetings with you mostly in the first 1.5 weeks and the other 1.5 weeks is for N-iX homework to prepare and present the results.

Deliverables: Roadmap with timelines, detailed backlog, phases and budget UI\UX clickable prototype of few main flows Azure Architecture & Azure Infrastructure proposal Team composition Plan to start execution from day1

How the process looks like:

We met. We build. We commit.

We met. We will have a set of the online sessions to get all the necessary information We build. We build the Azure Cloud Architecture and infrastructure proposal utilizing the best industry knowledge and Microsoft Well-Architected Framework. We commit. We estimate the work and commit to executing.

Discovery does not require your commitments to go with N-iX after getting the blueprints. You can choose your own vendor or implement it by an in-house team.