Natilik Terraform Assessment: 1-wk audit


Natilik Terraform Assessment process involves examining the code for vulnerabilities, errors, and misconfigurations that can lead to security breaches, performance issues, or compliance violations of.

Natilik Terraform Assessment is a prescriptive framework and set of assets to be delivered as a consultative, hands-off keyboard, professional services engagement to help customers achieve their technical and business outcomes with Infrastructure as Code for Microsoft Azure.

The program consists of a Process Mapping Workshop, Terraform Enterprise Deployment Health Check (where applicable), and Delivery Meeting where we present our analysis, deliverables, and prescriptive roadmap.​

The following deliverables are included:

One (1) Terraform Maturity Assessment

  • Assessment of the customer Microsoft Azure environment
  • Findings Summary
  • Optimization Plan
  • Actionable Recommendations
  • Prioritization Matrix

One (1) TF Environment Questionnaire

  • Questionnaire that helps drive conversations

One (1) TF Training Plan (if needed)

  • Identification of levels of Terraform (Enterprise/Cloud) expertise and recommendations for specific training topics

One (1) TF Reliability Plan

  • Definition and creation recommendations of the Terraform (Enterprise/Cloud) SRE practice to provide support around Terraform and it’s consumption

One (1) TF Operations Planning

  • Description of the process of operationalizing Terraform (Enterprise/Cloud) for all stakeholders

One (1) TF Adoption plan

  • High-level playbook for the adoption of Terraform (Enterprise/Cloud) through the Customer organization.
  • Distilled output from interviews, goals, capabilities

One (1) Terraform Adoption Recommendations (Presentation)

  • High-level presentation of the workshop recommendations