Azure Security & Threat Profiling: 1-Wk Assessment

NCC Group plc

This assessment offers technical, risk and governance services to assist you in understanding threats to and securing your Azure environment(s).

Engagement Outline

NCC Group’s Azure Cloud Security Baseline Assessment reviews your Azure environment to provide real-world view of the prevent, detect and respond cyber security capabilities of your organisation. Delivered by NCC Group’s highly skilled Microsoft Azure Security Certified consultants with deep industry experience.

We have developed an Azure Cloud Security framework that focuses on the full potential of the Azure security capabilities that are available. This is based on industry best practices (ENISA CCSM, CSA, ISO 27001) and our expertise, to assess cloud service providers and your implementation and identify areas of risk to your organisation.

In the Azure Cloud Threat Profiling engagement, NCC Group will undertake a focused review of your Azure environments security design and architecture, producing a detailed threat profile. This can become the foundation for more formal threat modelling and refinement of controls against potential attack vectors.


We will highlight weaknesses in the systems deployed in Azure and processes and tailor this to your different audiences, from providing technical vulnerability descriptions and remediation actions for your operations teams, to strategic recommendations at board level, improving the state of security in both the short and long term.

A key deliverable unique to this assessment is a maturity scorecard that provides you with your current Azure Cyber Security baseline state, often used to demonstrate remediation progress and support investment priorities.

We can back up our recommendations making our Microsoft Security Certified experts available to support your personnel in remediation and deployment activities.

We are passionate about making the Internet safer and revolutionising the way in which organisations think about cyber security.